Who we are

Minus: /ˈmaɪ.nəs/

Long story short, our name represents simplification, minimalism, a reminder for Design, CX and UX principles that, when applied, can make a positive impact in people.

With a vast experience in Design and Marketing and a deep background with our first Branding agency Altavista, we founded Minus with the purpose of helping organizations achieve digital transformation with ease. Having worked in close collaboration through the years with small and AAA brands, we discovered that there’s a gap in CX and UX/UI that needed to be served.

Minus is Good Design and Tech tools for your company.

Our Principles

We don't fight the old, instead we build the new.

Learn to learn

We keep knowledge fresh in our bloodstream. We avoid the obsolete products by enjoying agile learning everyday in our studio.

Never forget the User

It’s always for the people, we think about them before anything else.

Hacker Thinking

Everything can be improved and nothing is perfect, therefore we continuously ask: where is the weakness? Where can we improve? What can we predict?

Adapt to change

We learn to move on and retire tools, solutions or systems that we used to love. We need to embrace what it works.

Be an A/B tester

We ideate, design and compare different solutions. We never go with the first solution we had in mind.



Daniel pacheco founder altavista group

Daniel Pacheco

Co-founder & COO

Alan flores co founder altavista group

Alan Flores

Co-founder & UX/UI Director

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